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AM Yoga. Yes, I’m in my PJ’s.

I regularly practice yoga at home. It’s a great way to start, and I’ll admit that my first experiences with yoga were with Patricia Walden and Rodney Yee in my bonus-room when I was 14. Even though I go to class about 6 days a week at my yoga studio, schedule permitting, I still love to practice at home.

Things I love about my home practice

-You can try things out. I was not confident in my ability to not knock somebody over in my headstand or fall on my face in crow. I love to use the wall in my room to practice inversions.

-If you do hot yoga like I do, there’s not always time in the day to commute to your studio, practice, shower, and get home. Life gets in the way sometimes. I think we sometimes forget that we can throw down a mat anywhere, anytime, and get the wonderful benefits of our practice.

-You can make your own mix! I hear songs all the time that I think would settle my mind during my practice. At home you can control every aspect of your practice.


-Clean up your space. I find it difficult to focus when my room is messy, so clean it up and create an ambiance.

-Get rid of distractions. Turn off your phone, email updates, etc. I am definitely guilty of not doing this, I always have to remind myself that this is time for me on my mat.

-Try something new. You will surprise yourself and feel strong and like some kind of yoga bad ass.

-For an amazing substitute for a yoga class if you find it hard to guide yourself, I strongly recommend you subscribe to the YogaDownload.com podcast. The classes are free, there’s wonderful variety, and they’re about 20 minutes long. I often do 2 or 3 adding in some sun salutations to get really warmed up. They offer everything from power vinyasa, meditation, and jivamukti to gentle restorative classes. I prefer the just audio ones because I don’t like to compare myself to the hyper-flexible fitness models on the videos and it distracts me.

Podcasts Here

-For an A.M. Metabolism kick-start, check out Slim, Calm, Sexy Yoga, by Tara Stiles.

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