icelandic naked yoga project

An interesting collaboration of art and yoga by Anthony Prower and Hanna Birna Geirmunsdóttir of Reykjavík, Iceland. This book features a collection of breathtaking portraits taken all around Iceland. It’s easy to make yogis look great when they’re in Lululemon head to toe, but creating portraits that display people in this raw, very human sense is refreshing.

In a side-note, naked yoga is a real thing. Seattle Men’s Naked Yoga has regular nude classes, and insists it is a non-sexual, comfortable environment. I would be interested to know what the benefit of being nude in yoga class is?

The charm and niche of this book is not the fact that the yogis are nude, it’s that they’re real people. Not models, athletes, or contortionists. There are stretch marks, love-handles, boney legs and goose bumps. It comes back to the fact that yoga is for everyone. Yoga belongs to humanity. 

The Icelandic Naked Yoga Project – Cover

Co-author Tony Prower in Vrksasana

Purchase The Icelandic Naked Yoga Project here

An interview with the artists here

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3 thoughts on “icelandic naked yoga project

  1. This is very cool. I must check out this book! Thanks for the “like” and the follow! Blessings–Melanie

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