sex cells

Last post I talked about was about some real, honest-to-goodness, less than perfect bodies doing yoga. Now let’s talk about this controversial video posted by Equinox, a luxury gym popular in Los Angeles and New York. Briohny Smyth is the scantily clad yoga instructor featured in the video that has put a bee in the bonnet of the yoga community.

It has to be said- the yoga in this video is remarkable. Her body is flawless and her alignment is outstanding. Some of the things she does seem to defy gravity, and personally it inspires me to work harder to experience these amazing benefits that yoga allows. I am not prudey, I think her body is a work of art and it was probably a serious, conscious decision to dress her like she is. I don’t know why anybody would be offended by that aspect of the video- if you’ve got HBO you’ve seen worse.

Yoga being accessible to everyone is important. I don’t want anyone to feel intimidated by these beautiful freaks of nature like  Briohny Smyth. Yoga is not just for fit, flexible, skinny people. However we must consider who Equinoxs’ audience is. Equinox is known for its cutting edge workout strategies, (IntenSati, Urban Rebounding) and a plethora of ‘celebrity’ trainers and yogis such as Smyth. They attract the wealthy, athletic individual who wishes to perfect his or her body in an ilitest environment. That, to me, is far from the intention of yoga.

So it seems, it all depends on your perspective. I see it as inspiring and artful, while people considering beginning a yoga practice may find it intimidating. I hope all viewers can keep an open mind and maintain sense of self while watching this. Cheesy as it is- I like to respect that my yoga practice is a journey, not a destination. It makes accomplishing goals more gratifying and helps me appreciate all of the small successes along the way.

Someday I’ll have a perfect handstand, until then, I’ll work with what I’ve got.

What do you think?

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5 thoughts on “sex cells

  1. It is a beautiful video. I guess my question is why was in made? Was it to sell the gym? to attract customers? Or just as a promotional video? Or to see how peaceful yoga practice can be with a lot of dedication?
    I can’t ever seem to get through more than 2 sun salutations at my own home and have to go to a studio or else my practice isn’t the same.
    Someday, one day, I would love to be able to look as peaceful and at peace in my own practice. (but making a video of it…not so sure, even if I am sexy as hell 🙂

    • sti says:

      As the video was made and released by Equinox, I assumed their goal was to attract yogis to the gym. I could be wrong as it is very artfully done, but I most certainly agree, as a yogi I respect how much work she must put into her practice! Unlike a pretty girl who poses for a fashion magazine, this level of physical ability takes tons of work!

  2. OK..HOLY SHIT (pardon the french). THAT WAS AMAZING. From someone who has only been seriously practicing yoga for almost eight months..I now have something to DREAM about. WOWSER. Seriously. I am not offended or put off at all..I am in awe. I totally see your point though. I do believe yoga is for EVERYONE. Truly. Size is irrelevant. It is not just for the body, but the soul and mind (truly). BUT I will say…I am so inspired by this video. Thanks for posting!!

    • sti says:

      Seriously! It’s pretty incredible what the body can do with practice, focus, and intention! Glad you enjoyed it. It’s one of those things you want to show your friends and say “see?? yoga IS badass!”

  3. saaj444 says:

    Amazing application. However, I guarantee that at least 80% of those practising perfect yoga have done it since childhood or have a similar background like ballet. Mortals like us will re-establish some lengh and tension in the muscles and get a soothing practice. However, stretching out tight arm lines, Unknotting IT Bands, mobilising the thoracic spine are all important and not covered much in yoga/pilates. So variety, and the right variety is needed. There is a bit about this in my blog. Read the ‘Purposeful Training’ feature and also look into ‘Intu-flow’


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