time for self

Your body at work in Natarajasana

I recently did a 45 day hot yoga challenge. Yes, hot yoga every day. Not only did it completely transform my life, it also made me very, very sore. I wanted to open up a conversation about caring for your physically depleted body and living to vinyasa another day. I consider this part of my practice, and an important part of my life. We can all remember to take care of ourselves and love ourselves, damnit!

Epsom Salts. These have saved me a number of times. If you add them to a warm bath your muscles instantly relax and you feel weightless. These are very affordable, four or five dollars for several pounds so you don’t have to worry about putting a few generous cups in each bath. I love the lavender and eucalyptus varieties, they’re so relaxing. I love to throw some almond oil in there to make my skin soft too. About epsom salts.

Menthol. I have always loved the scent and feel of menthol, and think it is the best for sore muscles. I use this brand because it doesn’t irritate my skin, but any menthol cream will do. The cooling and scent melt away my stress too!

Prevention. Being mindful while you’re practicing and not pushing your muscles too far is a must. I am definitely guilty of going into “show-off” mode where I bend myself in ways my body doesn’t necessarily want to go. A good combination for me is LOTS of water, bananas, and vegetarian protein. Source and more info.

Any tips?

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4 thoughts on “time for self

  1. Mick Feeble says:

    Hi – I feel like I should know who you are. Do you know who I am?

    • sti says:

      haha, no I don’t! Cassandra mentioned your blog one time in class, that’s how I came upon it. I’m Christina. I’ll be at Kathy’s music intense class tonight if you happen to be there! I’m a typical looking white girl, but I’ve got an indian tattoed on my arm, that’s how you can identify me 🙂

      • Mick Feeble says:

        i am going to carley’s class at be luminous tonight. my name is bob. i see your photos on here, but still don’t recognize you. but i must have seen you before.

      • sti says:

        yes that was intentional, i didn’t really want to make it about me. I’m sure our paths will cross.


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