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I do yoga every day. While intention, self care, positive thinking, etc. are all good ways to drive a healthy practice, you have to remember that this is work, and your physical body has needs. Being a physical practice, you need protein(not too little, not too much), hydration, and overall proper nutrition to keep you going.

I am a vegetarian, so many people ask, “where do you get your protein?” This is easy. I drink smoothies every day, and add in my SunWarrior Protein. This is a raw, vegan protein that is not only for people with dietary restrictions, but any person who works and plays hard. I eat almonds, and protein rich whole wheat bagels.

Hydration is also really important, especially for those of us who do hot yoga. You always over-estimate how much water you drink, but I think 120 oz. of water is a good place. It sounds like a lot, but your body needs it! I also often drink a coconut water before or after class and hungover mornings. My favorite brands are Harmless Harvest, or if you are in Seattle you can pick up an Evolution Fresh coconut water at any starbucks. And of course, straight from the coconut!

This video (a promo for SunWarrior) does a great job of explaining just why plant-based protein works so well.

I don’t mean to throw a lot of product placement your way, I just wanted to make some healthy suggestions on fueling your practice. I love these products and will only ever write about products I love.

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7 thoughts on “fuel I

  1. Gosh Dharma! says:

    Well said! I do yoga every day, too. And I can’t live without my coconut water! Thanks for this post.

  2. Coconut water is incredibly delicious and they are coming out with more and more uses for it all the time. I found that I don’t even need to convince myself not to drink other things if I commit to drinking a certain amount of water each day. If I do that then there is no room for coffee or soda.

    • sti says:

      Yes it’s delish. I feel like I’m drinking a power source(i am!) instead of a carbonated who-knows-what. Put good in, get good out!

  3. Sigh. I’m all too familiar with the “protein question”. I’m so annoyed now that I simply reply: where do cows get their protein from? Or elephants? 😉

  4. Mick Feeble says:

    hey sti, happy to answer your question but prefer to take it out of blogosphere – you can email me at thefeebleyogi@gmail.com and i’ll give you my recommendations 🙂


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