good energy

It’s difficult to describe why some days in class your practice is ‘on,’ and some days it’s ‘off.’ While there are several things that factor into this, some are out of your control. When you’re in a class, there is an energy. A group buzz that everyone can feel. It’s taken me a long time to write this, because describing ‘the energy’ of a class has proved very difficult…

When I began at my current studio, I didn’t know anyone and I attended every class alone. Since then, my close friend has joined my studio and attends the same classes as I do a couple of times a week. I did a short teacher-training workshop where I met many yogis who I’ve remained friends with and have made friendships with other regular attendees.

Sometimes it’s confusing to me, because the truth is- I don’t need anyone else to complete my yoga practice. In theory, the teacher, music, instructors, are all just extras to guide you through asanas. However, when I’m between the mats of friends or acquaintances, no matter how close our relationship is, the energy is so powerful! I feel stronger and able to feed off of their spirit and what they give to their own practice. This elevates my practice more than I ever thought possible. I’ve come to love full, mat-to-mat classes, just because the vibe in the room is so great.

The more yoga I do, the more I experience the difference between a class with bad energy and a class with good. While I know yoga is a personal journey, there’s no avoiding the influence of others in life. So if we have to be affected by others, why not take away the positive?

If I feel the energy is heavy or I’m feeling alone in a class, I try to look inward and remember why I am here, and not let it get to me. If there is great energy in the room or I’m with friends, I feed off of it! I use it to support my own practice, and it makes me very happy!

On that note, I have ALWAYS wanted to try AcroYoga or partner yoga! Anyone ever done it?

*Photo courtesy of Haute Yoga Queen Anne

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2 thoughts on “good energy

  1. Beautiful post! I remember my very first yoga class and not being able to do barely any of the movements but leaving feeling spiritual, relaxed and awakened with energy! Love and Shine CourtStar

  2. I completely know what you mean! I love mat to mat, especially with my fellow teacher trainees! ❤


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