Feather of Truth

Dedicated to truth and integrity (Satya), our thoughts, words, and actions gain the power to manifest.

In teacher training I was given a ‘homework’ assignment for the next two weeks.

“Live your truth.”

Simple instructions, but it gets me thinking.

In day to day life, the line that separates truth from our interpretation of the truth can be very fuzzy. We justify our opinions because we are ‘being honest,’ no matter what the situation. We can consider only what we ourselves know and what we have experienced, and that’s how we form these beliefs that are ‘the truth.’

On the other hand, if we are to tell a white lie to save someone from hurt, you may feel like you have compromised the truth to spare this person. Swami Vivekanada says, “if in doubt whether to observe Ahimsa or Satya, always go with Ahimsa.” Not to say one Yama is more important than another, but sometimes situations require us to make a decision.

So how can I do this? Take Satya to a deeper level than just how I relate to others, really live my truth. Intention. While I walk through the world making my opinions based on what I have experienced, things I like and dislike, and the things that I have been taught; there is always the choice to tranform your intention moving forward. Looking inward, asking yourself what you would like to put out into the world. If we all lived our truth, what would the world be like?

Feel the truth reverberate in your body.

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