góðan daginn from Iceland

I recently traveled to Iceland. I am pictured above at The Blue Lagoon, a geothermal pool near Reykjavík. Yogically, what strikes me most about Iceland is the presence of the elements, the energy Doshas of life.

Vata. The air and wind element, came through the most. Bitter cold winds were nearly 60MPH when we were there, it made you feel alive!

Kapha. The lunar and water element, is very present because of the isolation of Iceland. It is a very small island, and water can be seen almost everywhere you go. There are several massive glaciers and many lakes, as well as the beautiful fjörds that hug the coasts.

Pitta. The sun and fire element, is present in Iceland’s very active geothermal springs. Geysers, volcanos, and geothermal hot springs, are all characteristic of Iceland’s remarkable climate.

It’s easy to feel the elements in Iceland, an incredibly beautiful place with harsh reminders of the wind, water, and heat. Can you identify the elements in your life and how they make you feel? Try it…

Takk fyrir & Thank you for reading and sharing your energy.


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One thought on “góðan daginn from Iceland

  1. epilepsymeandneurology says:

    WOW! that looks like an awsome holiday!


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