Book Review: My Stroke of Insight


I am in love with this book. My recent free time has given me some time to really get down to business around my house and let something great like this play in the background.

Synopsis: Harvard trained brain scientist Jill Bolte Taylor suffered a massive stroke at the age of 37. Taylor share her unique perspective on the brain and it’s capacity to recover.

If you’re thinking- Too many big words! So was I- but her retelling of the story is beautifully simple and detailed. She talks through every moment during her stroke and her perspective as a victim, and a professional brain scientist. When in recovery for 8+ years, she had to relearn to talk, walk, read, and perform most basic functions.

She discusses how when in her ‘stroke mind’ she could clearly see the parts of her brain that controlled aspects of her personality. She could pick and choose which aspects of her persona that she wanted to recover, which reinforces that we have absolute control over how we feel.

Another of my favorite themes of the book was a feeling she described that started during the stroke and lasted for days after. She described how she was completely disassociated with the world, she couldn’t tell where her body ended and the world began. She loved the feeling. We talk about this feeling in studies on deep meditation, in yoga it’s about tapping into a higher energy that allows you to see yourself as a puzzle piece in the universe. Looking closely the colors on the piece may be hard to decipher or not look like anything at all, but when put together form a whole picture. She had found her place where she seamlessly connected to the whole.

She is fantastically optimistic and brave, and a very admirable, smart lady. I do hope you pick this one up and enjoy reading/listening to it.

Happiest of Fridays! Namaste.

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One thought on “Book Review: My Stroke of Insight

  1. You now what they say about great minds…!


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