Yoga & Disney

So Disney movies were recently added to Netflix…MAJOR time-suck. I’m a ’90s kid, so most of my moral code is made by lessons absorbed from Disney movies. But that’s not such a bad thing-there is a lot of Yoga in Disney movies! Maybe not nowadays, but back when I was a kid many Disney movies had impactful themes at their core, presented as simple stories that kids liked and easily understood.

Disney tells it like it is- through Grandmother Willow, bears, greek gods, and a host of other rockstars. Another timeless teacher is Patanjali! And I think you will find the parallels between the yoga sutras and these movies interesting.

These lessons are timeless!

Listen to your intuition. As adults we so often forget to listen to our own intuition. We get caught up in what everyone else thinks we should do, and forget to listen to ourselves. The Sanskrit word in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras for intuition is Pratibha and it refers to the transcendent spiritual faculty of perception which involves neither the senses nor the mind, but the consciousness itself.

We are all connected. You can never reinforce this lesson enough. The more we realize that we are part of something greater than ourselves, the more mindful we are. This brings to mind Ahimsa, compassion towards all living things. “Because everything is interconnected, whatever you receive is taken from somewhere else. Most people don’t stop to consider all the different levels of energy involved in all they are consuming. Energetically and karmically, you create a major imbalance if you take and don’t pay back.”-Anusara teacher John Friend

Live simply. With all of the crap cluttering our life today, it’s good to be reminded that all we really need are the bare necessities. Simplifying clears our minds and makes us more productive. This reminds me of one of the five Yamas in the Yoga Sutras. Aparigraha is the concept of non-possessiveness, limiting possessions to what is necessary and serves growth in your life.

So there is your Yogic lesson of today through Disney movies.

What’s your favorite Disney classic?

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3 thoughts on “Yoga & Disney

  1. Lisa Loves says:

    I love Beauty and the Beast! Don’t have a favorite yoga sutra yet…

  2. Jayla says:

    Aladdin is so good… also the jungle book and hercules. I love those clips!!

  3. sti says:

    I know! There are so many good ones but Aristocats has to be my favorite 🙂


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