Spoonk Acupressure Point Mat

Hey friends!

I got a Spoonk mat for Christmas. I wanted one because I had heard good things about the soothing effect for your muscles and how it helps with sleep. So far, I haven’t had any days where my back is particularly sore, but when it (inevitably) is, I’ll have to test that out. Just recently, the USA Triathlon Coach and Ironman athlete Humberto Olivo claimed that after a hard brick training session (cycling and running), he lied on his Spoonk mat for just 15 minutes and soon his “legs and back felt so relaxed it was amazing.” So I’ll have to test that out.

However, it is wonderful for sleep! After 10-15 minutes this warm, sleepy, euphoric feeling comes over me and I fall a sleep in a snap. I don’t wake up during the night anymore and I wake up more easily in the morning. Standing on the mat is supposedly very energizing and detoxifying. I’ll have to build up the nerve to put my feet on it to find out.



I know…It looks very sharp and scary! But when you lay on it, your weight is evenly distributed, so it’s only a little weird feeling at first, but never painful.

The spikes stimulate your pressure points. You will find that your skin will start to warm up naturally. This is caused by the increased blood flow that brings oxygen to your body’s cells more quickly. Dr. Oz has mentioned that the serotonin release caused by the mat’s stimulation can help lower belly fat. Serotonin makes us feel so good that our stress melts away.

If anyone has one, I’d love to know your experience with it!

Have a great week.

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5 thoughts on “Spoonk Acupressure Point Mat

  1. Lakshmi Loves To Shop says:

    We own this mat too…we call it the killer but it is fantastic 🙂

  2. Hmmm…it’d be cheaper than a message! I play volleyball so id use it for the sore muscles. Let me know when you try it for that!

  3. […] stress and fatigue, both precursors to lowered immunity. It triggers acupressure points, (like the spoonk mat) said to help aid viruses and bacteria from your body. Our thymus governs our immune system, […]


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