Ayurveda Cleanse Day 4: Pump Up Your Detox

An Update:

Happy Thursday, all!

Today is my last day on kitchari. I’m not really going to miss it, mostly because I enjoy fruit and eating what I want when I want. Although I must admit, adding sweet potato made all the difference. Tomorrow I will go 100% juice to break my fast. Yay!

I took a dropperful, as prescribed, of my Herbalist Detox tincture last night, and woke up very nauseated. It could very well be because I took it on an empty stomach and there are some powerful things in there.

Today I took a power shot of fresh dandelion juice, which was WAY more disgusting than parsley juice, by the way. Dandelion juice does wonders for your liver and serves up a whopping 203% of your daily need of vitamin A, 58% of vitamin C, 17% of iron, and 20% of calcium. (source) That is for sure a power plant!

Detox Tip #3

Give yourself a boost! Eating kitchari, drinking juice, or master cleansing isn’t going to give you dramatic results. You have to make a lifestyle change and engage in activities that further detoxify your body.

Daily yoga practice. It might be five minutes, it might be an hour. Give yourself some time daily to stretch your fascia and loosen up. Include twists and deep breathing for added benefit. Sidenote: It doesn’t necessarily need to be yoga! If you are a runner and you’re up for it, run! Sweat daily, 30 minutes preferably.

Acupressure. I’ve been using my Spoonk Mat daily because I read of a method especially for cleansing. You stand (yeoch! It’s not so bad) on the mat, relax your body and do some gentle movement like swinging your arms. Like laying on the mat, it feels euphoric after a while. Some candles and music help, too. There are also many reflexology treatments you can do at home for the liver and kidneys.

Media diet. One of my favorite things about this week is waking up to sweet thoughts and saying a mantra of gratitude when I wake up, instead of immediately putting a screen in my face and checking my email. It makes for a much more peaceful morning. It unwinds your brain a bit and clears some of the mental clutter.

Superfoods. I highly recommend adding some raw, fresh, herb or superfood shots in to your diet. If you have a juicer or juice bar near you, a wheatgrass shot or pure herbal shot is ideal. They don’t taste great, but when your body is in a pure state of cleaning itself, these can really give it a boost. Turmeric is also an incredibly detoxifying root.

Skin brushing or massage. Brushing with a skin brush helps stimulate the lymph nodes, and circulatory system. It removes dead surface skin, and opens up pores, allowing toxins to excrete your body better. Similar to massage, skin brushing also breaks up groups of toxins, allowing them to be removed from your body. I feel more comfortable with massage because I can tell a professional exactly what I want to work on and trust that they will know what they’re doing. This is especially useful for the buildup of lactic acid from working out.

Ayurvedify. The complete package of the Ayurvedic Panchakarma that I am doing can be found here. This includes info about tongue scraping, nasal flushing, etc.

Remember this is all stuff that should make you feel GOOD. If something doesn’t feel good or feels off in your body, don’t do it! Everyone is different, these are just my experiences. Any detox boosts I missed?





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