The Yoga Recipe: A Resource for Teachers

The Yoga Recipe is an interesting new concept site designed for yoga teachers. A yoga teacher applies for an online ‘shop’ and then creates class ‘recipes’ for other teachers to purchase. There are a limited amount of shops and teachers are selected to give the site varieties of styles and experience. I would love to hear what teacher and students alike think of this idea! It’s certainly intriguing.

The Yoga Recipe is currently in beta mode, but you should definitely check it out! My shop is called Little Windmill Yoga.


The Yoga Recipe is a community for yoga teachers to create, share and inspire – all things yoga! Visit for the full experience.

Our mission is to create an energy and monetary exchange between seasoned and new teachers that elevates both parties, the yoga community and most importantly the students.

Company Overview

We help make yoga teachers lives awesome.

We are an online marketplace for yoga teachers to upload original content (sequences, playlist, themes, etc), share it with other yoga teachers (via a “shop” that is totally free to create) at a price you set, and earn profits to keep or infuse back into your community via a favorite charity or a non-profit of choice.
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