Student Voice: For Yoga Teachers

Hello Yogis!

I have just recently joined the reddit world. While I do think it’s a giant waste of time, I still enjoy browsing the yoga/r subreddit and discussing yoga with people around the world. Recently I put the “What makes a great yoga teacher?” question out on the table. Not surprisingly, people were very vocal and open about the subject. When you do a lot of yoga at studios and gyms, you get very attached to teachers and the qualities they have that you like.

So, posted below are the results of my research, organized in a couple expandable jpgs. I found these so helpful because after all, we are here for the students, not for ourselves! And although you should be yourself and have your own unique voice and style in class, these comments show a couple common turn-offs for students around the world. Teachers, I hope you find them informative, and students, if you have anything to add, by all means join the conversation!

The original post/question:question

The answers (click to expand)

opinion opinion2 opinion3

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2 thoughts on “Student Voice: For Yoga Teachers

  1. Terra Kroll says:

    I just posted about our authentic voice as teachers, last week πŸ™‚

  2. Terra Kroll says:

    Interesting stuff! I just blogged about this recently. πŸ™‚


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