4 Common Things That Stress People Out: Guest Post by Karen Fernandes

Stress is a huge problem in most societies in the world, and those where it is not will probably suffer from it in the future as their society develops. To tackle stress you need to understand the possible causes of it, and how best to your personal stress can be treated. To help people identify the cause of their own stress, I have listed some of the most common reasons below.

Moving Home

This can be a very stressful time for people because so many things are involved. Changing a property is difficult enough, but when you think it is also your home, things can get out of control. Friends and memories are left behind, to be replaced by the new and the unknown. Fear and anxiety can cause huge amounts of stress, and both of these are in this situation in abundance. To try to avoid the stress plan ahead, get help, and look on the move as a step forward in your life.

Running Out of Time

Some days it seems that we have worked all day to get nowhere, and these days can come one after the other to cause  you stress. If your work life is one endless struggle to complete the tasks you are assigned, you need to alter something before you breakdown. Try to talk to your boss about your workload, as often people are not aware of how much somebody is struggling in their work; and could be singing their praises because of the seemingly impossible burden they handle. If this doesn’t work you may need to consider a change; working yourself to death benefits nobody.


Some people love to argue,but if you are not one of those avoid arguing at all cost. It does nothing to improve your mind or body, but can cause damage to both. An argument takes 2 people; if you refuse to participate there can be no argument. You won’t lose the argument; you will simply not have had one. Problem solved.

Not relaxing

Relaxation is something that everybody needs, and we should all demand some time to feel relaxed. Being relaxed is not simply a case of sitting down, you need to forget about everything, and let your mind recover from the continual stresses of the day. You will know when you have reached a relaxed state, because your body becomes almost weightless as the things weighing you down float away. Take a warm bath with aromatic herbs, cuddle up on your favourite chair listening to music, or treat yourself to a massage. Whatever it takes, make sure you relax for an hour or 2 every day, the benefit is immense.

Not all stress can be easily handled, but most of it can be. With some thought and a little help, stress can be manageable for most of us; it can even be totally removed in a lot of cases. If you think you are suffering from stress, it is you that needs to take the first step; try to do something about it.

The author of this post, Karen Fernandes, is an avid blogger, an amateur photographer and a traveler. She recommends that all individuals should read books on self-help skills, in order to build their personality. You can follow her on Twitter for more information.

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