Mindfullness Apps I Love

It’s no longer realistic to think mindfulness is contained to meditating on a beach or chanting alone in the forest. One of the most inspirational teacher/healers I know, Silvia Mordini, is known as an Apple ‘Power User.’ People are amazing- we adapt to new technologies and invent ways to cultivate mindfulness within them. Here are some apps I have used that keep me centered while I’m on my phone 22.5 hours out of the day…

HEADSPACE: My #1 choice for meditation apps. It’s a simple, creative, modern app for anyone- experienced with meditation or not. The main program is called ‘Take Ten,’ with several 10 minute meditations beginning with very simple techniques and building on them. 

INSIGHT MEDITATION TIMER: The basic function of this app is a peaceful/gentle alarm that tells you when the time you have allotted for meditation is over. I need this because I’ll be anxious about being late or whatever if I don’t set a timer. This app also shows how many other people around the world are using the app to meditate which is pretty cool. You can choose between singing bowls, chimes, etc to peacefully awake you from meditation.

Insight Timer logo

SPOTIFY: I would consider this a mindfulness app because music brings me so much joy and peace. This is by far the app I use the most. If I were homeless I’d still find a way to get the $9 a month for this app. My Playlists (mostly yoga class playlists)

ANGEL CARDS (old school verion): This is sort of a silly one. I read my real Angel Cards (these ones by Doreen Virtue) every day, but this app is just a little reminder to cultivate the beautiful qualities in angel cards. It has funny music and you can even write little notes with the cards you get.

I still have not found a good app for finding yoga in the area.. I just use Yelp or Google.

All of these can be found my searching the APP store on your iphone or ipad.


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