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Om Shanti!

Hello yogis!

Today I am off to Europe for exciting adventures in my homeland of Iceland and then Paris! I can’t wait to practice in another hemisphere and meet yogis from around the world! I have fun posts lined up for you and lots of photos when I’m back. Om Shanti, friends!


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Imagine Yoga: Flow in the Glow of Chihuly

Thanks to Lululemon Athletica Pacific Place for this free event that drew a line of over 300 yogis around the block!

Sanga, kula, samajam, graama… It’s no wonder there are so many sanskrit words for community. There’s something about the energy of a full room of people moving and breathing in sync with one another that draws people from miles away!


The Glasshouse


My view from savasana


Flowing in a different light


Shaking it out!

This was a fun event, I can’t wait to see what the Seattle yoga community has in store for summer!


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I’ve been going a little crazy over Kirtan style music recently. When I was training at the Baptiste Institute, there was no music during practice at all. I understand- for some it can be distracting and take away from their experience going inward. I was going a little bit insane. For me, music can only ADD to my yoga experience, it gets me out of my head and into my breath. Making and listening to music is such a natural instinct of being human, it awakens some powerful, joyful emotions in us that nothing else can.

Music is so powerful. I’ll never forget the song that played at my grandfather’s funeral, the song that played during my first middle school slow dance, or any of the words to the songs in The Lion King. There is nothing I love more than flowing through my Sun A’s and B’s with a nice beat vibrating through my being. I’ll never forget the Led Zeppelin theme class I took at Urban Yoga Spa, when our practice was finished with a harmonium lullaby at Brooklyn Yoga School, or the Go W/ The Flow music based yoga tour in Seattle.

A little bit about Kirtan & Sanskrit. Kirtan music is a Sanskrit chanting/repeating style mantras in song. Sanskrit is the oldest language known to man. It’s based on vibrations, the root sounds. A Sanskrit word is not a word chosen to name something, but an actual reflection of the inherent ‘sound’ of that object, concept or phenomena.  Perfect pronunciation of Sanskrit words can replicate the exact nature or essence, of that which it is referring to. So what? you say, I don’t know what they’re saying anyways. I think of it like an orchestra. You hear the violins, and even though they’re not speaking words or a language you understand, it still feels very emotionally charged and registers as something beautiful.

For teachers: In my class, I play the ‘Omstrimental’ versions of MC Yogi songs, which include the chants and music with no other words, it’s perfect. You can find all of his songs wordless on iTunes.

I will write very soon all about Sanskrit Mantras, but for now I wanted to share with you some of my favorite ‘remixed’ Kirtan songs. I’m apparently the last Yogi to hop on the Krishna Das bandwagon, but now I can’t get enough of him.

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9 Things I learned from Destination Training in Hawai’i






What I brought back from Hawai’i:

1. I am stronger than I know. I spent hours upon hours day after day doing insane amounts of intense yoga. My body did not let me down. On the contrary, it surprised me almost daily by how much it was able and willing to do. There was a point in the week where my body seemed to tell my mind to “STFU. I got this. Quit telling me what I am incapable of. Enjoy the ride”.

2. We are all in this together. One of my favorite moments of the week was laying on the ground in savasana, singing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” while holding hands with a drag performer from Seattle and an architect from Boulder. We had nothing in common; we have everything in common. It is amazing how many friends you find when you realize the only thing that matters is we are all human.

3. That story you tell yourself, the one where you are not good enough, not smart enough, not ready, not worthy? Stop. It is old. It is boring. And it is a lie. It is also holding you back. It is impossible to be where you are, to believe more is possible to writer another chapter when you are busy reading the previous one. So whatever your past is, leave it there. The mf-er is heavy. And you have things to do.

4. Forgive. Tell the truth. Do unto others. In other words, stop being an asshole. To yourself. Or others.

5. You are responsible for the energy that you bring into a space. So that bad mood, your sadness that you have not dealt with, the unresolved fight with your sister, the frustration from not following your dream, it is not just your business because you are hauling into every interaction in your day.

6. If you want something new, you can not create it from old stuff.Nor can you create anything at all, until you clean your sink. The best analogy of the week, the one that landed with me the most, was when Baron talked about your sink full of dirty dishes. It is really hard to tackle when it is overflowing yet totally doable when there is only one or two. This is life. Deal with the dirty dishes as they come. Do not let the sink get overloaded or it becomes overwhelming and you do nothing.

7. Friends absolutely change everything. In a good way. This applies to all kinds of friends—BFFs, just met you friends, boyfriends, friends that are boys, friends in your city, friends far away, friends you talk to daily, friends you wish you talked to daily. Because what they all have in common is a willingness to take a little bit of your load, your story and leave you with a more manageable amount.

8. Inspire somebody. Like air masks on an airplane, start with you. Then spread that inspiration to your kids, your friends, your spouse, the random guy in line behind you at Starbucks. Let your life be an example of what is possible.

9. Practice yoga. Daily.


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Baptiste Yoga – Adventure Time

Tomorrow, I fly to Hawaii for Baron Baptiste Power Yoga Institute’s 7 day Level 1 training. I have NO clue what to expect! We will be at Kalani, a somewhat remote retreat center in Hilo where there will be no coffee. BUT lots and lots of yoga! I’m prepared to feel on top of the world. I have my moleskin, hydration tablets, and yogitoes ready for this adventure. I will update you soon!


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Happy Birthday David Bowie!


David in Padmasana

I’ll be doing my yoga in tribute to David tonight listening to Seu Jorge’s acoustic/Portugese covers of David Bowie songs.

Maybe I’ll even watch Labyrinth…
Life on Mars is by far my favorite Bowie song. What’s yours?
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Little Windmill- A 2012 Retrospect

Little Windmill – A 2012 Retrospect from christina russo on Vimeo.



May all beings everywhere be happy, healthy, and free in 2013 & always.


Little Windmill

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