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Student Voice: For Yoga Teachers

Hello Yogis!

I have just recently joined the reddit world. While I do think it’s a giant waste of time, I still enjoy browsing the yoga/r subreddit and discussing yoga with people around the world. Recently I put the “What makes a great yoga teacher?” question out on the table. Not surprisingly, people were very vocal and open about the subject. When you do a lot of yoga at studios and gyms, you get very attached to teachers and the qualities they have that you like.

So, posted below are the results of my research, organized in a couple expandable jpgs. I found these so helpful because after all, we are here for the students, not for ourselves! And although you should be yourself and have your own unique voice and style in class, these comments show a couple common turn-offs for students around the world. Teachers, I hope you find them informative, and students, if you have anything to add, by all means join the conversation!

The original post/question:question

The answers (click to expand)

opinion opinion2 opinion3

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The Yoga Recipe: A Resource for Teachers

The Yoga Recipe is an interesting new concept site designed for yoga teachers. A yoga teacher applies for an online ‘shop’ and then creates class ‘recipes’ for other teachers to purchase. There are a limited amount of shops and teachers are selected to give the site varieties of styles and experience. I would love to hear what teacher and students alike think of this idea! It’s certainly intriguing.

The Yoga Recipe is currently in beta mode, but you should definitely check it out! My shop is called Little Windmill Yoga.


The Yoga Recipe is a community for yoga teachers to create, share and inspire – all things yoga! Visit for the full experience.

Our mission is to create an energy and monetary exchange between seasoned and new teachers that elevates both parties, the yoga community and most importantly the students.

Company Overview

We help make yoga teachers lives awesome.

We are an online marketplace for yoga teachers to upload original content (sequences, playlist, themes, etc), share it with other yoga teachers (via a “shop” that is totally free to create) at a price you set, and earn profits to keep or infuse back into your community via a favorite charity or a non-profit of choice.
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Imagine Yoga: Flow in the Glow of Chihuly

Thanks to Lululemon Athletica Pacific Place for this free event that drew a line of over 300 yogis around the block!

Sanga, kula, samajam, graama… It’s no wonder there are so many sanskrit words for community. There’s something about the energy of a full room of people moving and breathing in sync with one another that draws people from miles away!


The Glasshouse


My view from savasana


Flowing in a different light


Shaking it out!

This was a fun event, I can’t wait to see what the Seattle yoga community has in store for summer!


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Seattle Springtime Yoga Happenings

Spring is the time to be reborn, to remember your intentions for this year and start to transform yourself.

So much fun stuff happening in the next couple of months! I will keep updating this list as things are announced, please let me know anything I missed or anything I can add.



April 27, Yoga UniQue- Yoga at the club with Emily Kasman                          Q Capitol Hill Nightclub

April 20, Imagine Yoga: Flow in the Glow of Chihuly                               Chihuly Glass Garden Museum

May 3-5 John Friend & Desi Springer Workshop


April 21st Sadie Nardini and Tyler mccoy master class

April 26th Feel the Flow with JL and dj hyfi

May 5th Writing with movement: yoga and journaling

Sunday June 2nd season detox yoga workshop


April 19th Occupy Love Film Screening

April 20th/April 28th Sublime Continuum


April 27 Yoga 101


April 6th Back Bending workshop-Your best bend

April 27th Arm Balancing II- Beyond Crow


May 19th Energizing Summer Juice Cleanse


May 18 Toning Your Energetic Body (bellevue)

Happiness, Faith + Flow: Vinyasa Intensive Weekend (ballard)


April 20 The Healing Breath

May 11 Deeper Cravings Workshop

Every 3rd Saturday Community Kirtan

May 18 Ayurveda 101


April 21st Full Spectrum Practice(phinney ridge)

April 27th Chakra Flow Unfolding(west seattle)

May 11 Partner Yoga(w seattle)

May 12 Embodying the Yoga Sutras(cap hill)

May 18 Yin/Yang Practice(phinney ridge)

May 18 Yoga Nidra, Yoga Bliss(west seattle)


April 20 Yogathon

April 28 Detox Flow

July 7-9 Yoga, Friends, Food & Wine (Walla Walla, Washington)

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9 Things I learned from Destination Training in Hawai’i






What I brought back from Hawai’i:

1. I am stronger than I know. I spent hours upon hours day after day doing insane amounts of intense yoga. My body did not let me down. On the contrary, it surprised me almost daily by how much it was able and willing to do. There was a point in the week where my body seemed to tell my mind to “STFU. I got this. Quit telling me what I am incapable of. Enjoy the ride”.

2. We are all in this together. One of my favorite moments of the week was laying on the ground in savasana, singing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” while holding hands with a drag performer from Seattle and an architect from Boulder. We had nothing in common; we have everything in common. It is amazing how many friends you find when you realize the only thing that matters is we are all human.

3. That story you tell yourself, the one where you are not good enough, not smart enough, not ready, not worthy? Stop. It is old. It is boring. And it is a lie. It is also holding you back. It is impossible to be where you are, to believe more is possible to writer another chapter when you are busy reading the previous one. So whatever your past is, leave it there. The mf-er is heavy. And you have things to do.

4. Forgive. Tell the truth. Do unto others. In other words, stop being an asshole. To yourself. Or others.

5. You are responsible for the energy that you bring into a space. So that bad mood, your sadness that you have not dealt with, the unresolved fight with your sister, the frustration from not following your dream, it is not just your business because you are hauling into every interaction in your day.

6. If you want something new, you can not create it from old stuff.Nor can you create anything at all, until you clean your sink. The best analogy of the week, the one that landed with me the most, was when Baron talked about your sink full of dirty dishes. It is really hard to tackle when it is overflowing yet totally doable when there is only one or two. This is life. Deal with the dirty dishes as they come. Do not let the sink get overloaded or it becomes overwhelming and you do nothing.

7. Friends absolutely change everything. In a good way. This applies to all kinds of friends—BFFs, just met you friends, boyfriends, friends that are boys, friends in your city, friends far away, friends you talk to daily, friends you wish you talked to daily. Because what they all have in common is a willingness to take a little bit of your load, your story and leave you with a more manageable amount.

8. Inspire somebody. Like air masks on an airplane, start with you. Then spread that inspiration to your kids, your friends, your spouse, the random guy in line behind you at Starbucks. Let your life be an example of what is possible.

9. Practice yoga. Daily.


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Baron’s 40 Day Challenge

January 7-February 15 2013

Digital 40 Days:

  • A daily email from Baron and a team of teachers with insight and resources to support your experience,
  • A weekly streaming meditation from Baron to guide you as you build a meditation practice from the ground up,
  • Two free streaming yoga podcasts per week – one short and one long, that are yours to enjoy and experience wherever you are!
  • Access to public Digital 40 Days Facebook Page/Twitter/Instagram

Why 40 days?

Forty days is the time it takes to build an entirely new set of habits and practices to train and rewire your mind and body. This program is built from a foundation of commitment and is designed to create, piece by piece, new practices and commitments that propel you into lasting transformation of your body and your life.

What are potential outcomes of participating in this challenge?

The outcomes of this program are very specific to each individual. It will strengthen, open and cleanse your body, clear your mind and change your relationship to food in a way that creates whole-life health instead of quick fixes. You’ll learn how to get out of the trap of trying to find the time for the things that matter most to you, and start making the time and being the change.

This is a companion series to Baron’s Book 40 Days to Personal Revolution, but I don’t know where my copy is, so I’m not going to say(yet) that it’s essential to have. I love anything that keeps me focused from day to day with a positive message, and social media has become an awesome way to do that. Yes, it’s over-saturated with cat videos and can be a big waste of time. However, our world requires us to be computer-locked at times, and I think we should use it to our advantage and feed our brains the good stuff. Regardless, doing this will start this year off on a good foot!

It starts tomorrow, and you can sign up for free here. What do you have to lose?

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Fall Studio Reviews

Hello yogis, friends, and the rest of the interweb,

I have been doing TONS of classes in Seattle recently and wanted to share my reviews incase any of you locals would care to try some new fun stuff.

*FlyWheel/FlyBarre – south lake union

*Pure Barre – queen anne

Samadhi Yoga –capitol hill

8 Limbs  – capitol hill

*5Focus Studio –south lake union

*First class free!

I’m having so much fun trying places out, and there’s more to come!

All reviews here-seattle-portland-los angeles-new york

ON DECK: Lab5 Fitness, Corepower Yoga, Live Love Flow, and Inspire Pilates.

Want to get your studio reviewed or change my mind about one? I’d love to hear from you! Get to me at


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same love

Same Love. It’s such a simple notion. However, the issue of who we choose  to love continues to cause controversy across the world.

Yoga teaches self acceptance. It teaches us to look inside ourselves and take the things we love and accept the things we don’t. Yoga, as my incredible mentor Silvia Mordini often says, helps us to “accept the full spectrum of our being.”

I got into yoga for the physical aspects. I wanted a yoga body, but by the time I reached that point, it was an afterthought to all of the emotional and spiritual benefits I had gained. While yoga can give you physical results, it first teaches you to not only be comfortable in your own skin but be proud of your body; the magnificent vessel that carries you through your life. Yoga teaches us that it’s OKAY to not be perfect! Everything you’re not makes you everything you are.

I found that if you can accept yourself, you can much more easily accept and see the true beauty in others. Even if you don’t fully understand another person’s life, yoga gives you an open and loving perspective on humanity. This video is an amazing example from a seattle musician of embracing love in any way it may manifest itself.  If it’s love, how could it be wrong?

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Yoga for Cyclists

On Sunday my father and I went to a “yoga for cyclists” seminar hosted by teacher Kelli Refer from The Grinning Yogi in Seattle. I do not cycle, but my retired father rides every day, about 100 miles a week, sometimes more.

One thing I know for sure- whatever you do, yoga makes you do it better. So, I dragged him to the seminar, thinking something catered to cyclists would be a better time for a somewhat inexperienced yogi.

It was a great seminar, it was obvious the girl leading it had spent much time and energy writing and illustrating a book of yoga poses and breathing techniques for a cyclist.

Everything was very appropriate for the typical cyclist- there were sequences for 2 minutes and 5 minutes. Modified half sun salutations, quads, heart openers, and hips were emphasized.

At the end I asked what two stretches would be the best to do. I couldn’t imagine my father in our garage busting out sun salutations. She decided on a modified ‘wing pose’ and a modified dancer’s pose. My very favorite stretch was a super intense quad stretch we did by placing our shin flush to the wall and bending the opposite knee.

We all left with a poster and information sheet to refer to.

Kelli’s official Yoga for Bikers blog is here.

Buy a copy of Pedal, Stretch, Breathe here.

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