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Baron’s 40 Day Challenge

January 7-February 15 2013

Digital 40 Days:

  • A daily email from Baron and a team of teachers with insight and resources to support your experience,
  • A weekly streaming meditation from Baron to guide you as you build a meditation practice from the ground up,
  • Two free streaming yoga podcasts per week – one short and one long, that are yours to enjoy and experience wherever you are!
  • Access to public Digital 40 Days Facebook Page/Twitter/Instagram

Why 40 days?

Forty days is the time it takes to build an entirely new set of habits and practices to train and rewire your mind and body. This program is built from a foundation of commitment and is designed to create, piece by piece, new practices and commitments that propel you into lasting transformation of your body and your life.

What are potential outcomes of participating in this challenge?

The outcomes of this program are very specific to each individual. It will strengthen, open and cleanse your body, clear your mind and change your relationship to food in a way that creates whole-life health instead of quick fixes. You’ll learn how to get out of the trap of trying to find the time for the things that matter most to you, and start making the time and being the change.

This is a companion series to Baron’s Book 40 Days to Personal Revolution, but I don’t know where my copy is, so I’m not going to say(yet) that it’s essential to have. I love anything that keeps me focused from day to day with a positive message, and social media has become an awesome way to do that. Yes, it’s over-saturated with cat videos and can be a big waste of time. However, our world requires us to be computer-locked at times, and I think we should use it to our advantage and feed our brains the good stuff. Regardless, doing this will start this year off on a good foot!

It starts tomorrow, and you can sign up for free here. What do you have to lose?

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