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Arm Balances I


Oh, arm balances. An amazing use of arms, core, and balance. But mostly they just look really cool.

I probably, apart from a vinyasa flow, practice arm balances more than anything at home. That’s where I perfected crow pose, crane pose, side crow, and this side crow with extended legs that I’ve learned is one of the koundinyasanas. It’s too sweaty to really focus during hot yoga and no fun to fall on your face during class.

I love the strength I feel doing a good crow pose in class. I have limited experience with these, but am eager to learn more. Any tips?

My tips:

-Keep your core really strong and sucked up into your spine. Over compensate and freeze this way.

-Think about the shape that your body is in for balance. If your legs are going to the left, you’re going to have to lean to the right to even out.

-Keep the creases of your elbows strongly turned forward and finger-tips gripping the ground to protect your wrists.

-Don’t give up! I am shocked how much I’ve improved since my first attempt.

Have a wonderful Tuesday. Let’s do this week right.

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Asana of the week- side plank



Sorry to be throwing so many pesky planks your way, but this is a true power move. Everything is working here, every muscle is alive. It incorporates strength, balance, and it introduces us to our obliques. Again, no amount of bicycle crunches pack that much of a punch.

  • Begin in plank. Bring your heels together and pivot onto your right heel, stacking the left on top.
  • Open your body to the side, reaching your arm up stacking your joints.
  • Squeeze your right side to the sky.
  • Look up into your palm.
  • Repeat on your left side.

Troubleshooting. If you’re having problems with balance, place the toes of your top leg behind your bottom leg into a variation of wild thing pose.

More. To really fire up that core, take your top foot to tree pose, OR lift it so it is parallel to the ground. To really get going- take your top foot to tree pose and leave it there, then pivot to a regular plank pose and do three complete pushups. Repeat on the other side.

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