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Asana of the Week- Dolphin Plank

Makara Adho Mukha Svanasana

Dolphin Plank

Planks are hard. But planks change your body. No amount of crunches will give you the results that dolphin plank will. Shaking is good, and be sure to BREATHE. This is a really simple move, but it’s sure to get you bikini ready.

  • Begin in Down Dog. Shift your weight forward to plank pose so that your shoulders are over your wrists.
  • One at a time, lower your forearms to the floor with your palms facing down. Place your elbows where your hands were, and spread your fingers wide. You want your body to be in one straight line, with your heels over your toes.
  • Keep the muscles in your tushy relaxed, draw your shoulders away from your ears, and gaze between your hands.

Troubleshooting. If you’re not feeling it in your abs, suck your belly into your spine and hold it there. If your back hurts, lift your bum and readjust your shoulders. Keep your neck long without straining.

More. Lift your right leg, lift your left leg. Alternate straightening your arms one at a time keeping your tush from dropping to protect your low back. Tap your knees to the ground and squeeze them up twenty times. Go longer than you think you need to.

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