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Imagine Yoga: Flow in the Glow of Chihuly

Thanks to Lululemon Athletica Pacific Place for this free event that drew a line of over 300 yogis around the block!

Sanga, kula, samajam, graama… It’s no wonder there are so many sanskrit words for community. There’s something about the energy of a full room of people moving and breathing in sync with one another that draws people from miles away!


The Glasshouse


My view from savasana


Flowing in a different light


Shaking it out!

This was a fun event, I can’t wait to see what the Seattle yoga community has in store for summer!


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Love Notes

na_wk41_lovenote_hammy na_wk41_lovenote_getdown na_wk41_lovenote_firstimpressions na_wk41_lovenote_visiongoalcrush na_wk41_lovenote_yogabear_lores na_wk41_lovenote_runyogirun na_wk41_lovenote_savasanator na_wk41_lovenote_om na_wk41_lovenote_letsveg


For those of you who don’t stalk the LuluLemon website daily, these are the 2013 yoga ‘love notes’ they post during the holidays. I love how they get into the holiday spirit! Also check out a couple photos of my lovely mentor Silvia Mordini, on this page (the banner), and this picture. Have a wonderful weekend! Namaste.

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Shit Yogis Say


Have a great Tuesday! Namaste.

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