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Confessions: Hippie Dippie Things I Love

My salt candle

I love my Himalayan salt crystal candle holder. This candle holder works like an air purifier, emitting negative ions that fight against positively charged particles that cause us to feel stuffy and sluggish. It can help reduce allergens and also removes excess moisture from the air. Each one is different, and they look really beautiful. Throw a bee’s wax candle in there and you’ve got a beautiful living air cleaner! I got mine from friends over at Salt Room Yoga.hippiedippie-6

Juicing/kombucha/coconut water

I practice hot yoga daily, and would totally be that girl who asks if you ‘want to grab a coconut water after class.’ Kombucha is full of probiotics and amazing when you want something fizzy. We have a citrus juicer and Breville juice fountain in our kitchen, and use them regularly. Seattlites check out my favorite juice company in the world, Strawberry Moon Juice.

Krishna Das

The longer I do yoga, the more I get into kirtan and other new age music (this IS a confessions post!). I really think KD has an amazing voice, as does Enya(Yeah, I said it!) and other artists of that genre. I’ve taken to playing KD’s song Baba Hanuman at the end of my class most days, just because I love the vibration and good vibe it sets.

DIY homemade beauty products

I make my own shampoo, conditioner, laundry detergent, bath salts, exfoliating scrubs, room freshener, and soon my own dish soap. I just get fed up with all the yucky stuff in beauty products nowadays, so I decided to make my own so I can have full control of what goes on my body. All of my beauty products are completely edible and less than 4 ingredients. hippiedippie-5

On the left are some essential oils which I also love, but probably don’t merit their own category.

Hemp Products

On the far left you can see my beloved hemp hand scrub, and that’s just the beginning of my love for hemp products. I always have hemp seeds on hand, they are a high protein seed containing all nine of the essential amino acids. It also has high amounts of fatty acids and fiber as well as containing vitamin E and trace minerals. It has a balanced ratio of omega 3 to 6 fats at around a three to one ratio. They are also more easily digested than flax seeds.

Hemp seed oil is delicious on salads and hemp milk in my favorite for hot chocolate. Because hemp is one of the strongest and most abundant crops to grow, that makes it a more sustainable option that many other types of fabric. It’s also a very strong fiber, even our first american flag was sewn from hemp fabric!


Herbal tinctures

Herbs are so powerful! My very favorites are Kava Kava, which naturally gives you an ‘it’s all good’ feeling, and Skullcap, which calms your nerves and quiets a chattering mind. The ‘Detox’ tincture with burdock, fennel, and dandelion was gifted to me when I went on my cleanse to help my liver clean my blood more efficiently. I even began making my own tinctures in the last couple months. That’s pretty hippie dippie, eh?hippiedippie-3

Ethically sourced foods

Organic, grass-fed, local, cage-free, fair trade, GMO free, all of that crap. When you do yoga, you really start to be keenly aware of how you’re fueling your body and get freaked out by all the alien ingredients in food nowadays. Farmer’s markets are my gig, which is pretty hippie dippie, but local is really important to me because I like to know the money stays in my own region instead of going to some distant corporation.

Thanks to a slew of netflix documentaries I’ve watched recently, ethical treatment and the diet of animals is VERY important to me. When we buy eggs or cream at the farmer’s market, I always ask- “Are you nice to your cows?” or “Are your chickens happy?” It was a particularly disturbing scene in the documentary Vegucated that sparked this. A woman in the documentary called up a farm that claimed to be organic/grassfed/ethical only to get some startling information about the treatment of their animals.

My cats

It’s not the mere fact that I love my cats that makes it hippie dippie, but maybe the extent of how much I love them and believe they love me too. Which is a lot. I hope they also hold some value for me other than the required duties of a pet owner that make our lives run smoother. I know they don’t understand my words when I say ‘I love you,’ but I believe that they feel it.


Sushi Monster & Oliver

Yoga cat. Yes, I know I'm hyperextending my elbows.

Yoga cat. Yes, I know I’m hyperextending my elbows.

I’m sure there are more, but these are the ones I’ve been making fun of myself about lately.

Time to ‘fess up! What are your hippie dippie loves?



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