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Advanced Poses with Blocks

Learning advanced poses can seem overwhelming and discouraging at times. Using blocks can help you build strength in these poses and just simply feel the shape of the pose.  Shamelessly allow the blocks to be an extension of your pose.  Here are a few ways you can use blocks to deepen your practice and learn some new poses.



Pincha Mayurasana/Forearm stand: Holding a block between the hands reminds you to keep pulling inward and keeps your elbows from bowing out.


Sukhasana Hover/Jumpbacks:craig-2

Hanumanasana/Splits: Most blocks have three different heights so you can adjust to the level of openness you’re feeling on any given day.


Shoulder squeeze/Titibasana: Having the block as insurance takes away some of the fear of falling when trying poses like shoulder squeeze and firefly.craig-5

Bakasana/Crow Pose: Use a block to rest your forehead on and ‘teeter totter’ on until you find that sweet spot of balance.

craig-4 copy

Koundinyasana A:


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