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Let’s get physical: Bar Method


Yoga feet pretending to be bar method feet for the day.

Yesterday a friend took a fellow yogi and I to a bar method class. I was curious about it because it is based off of dance/ballet and is said to kick your ass.

First off, it’s a strict practice. I did not get the feeling that this was specific to this studio. They are strict about all participants wearing long pants and socks. During class, many people including myself were called out to change their alignment, straighten, lengthen, push further, etc. it reminded me of taking ballet classes when I was a girl. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, a little self discipline can’t hurt.

It was a challenging class. You can really feel every muscle in the targeted area engaged, and everyone’s legs are shaking, a good sign the instructor assured us. It’s fast paced, you go from one thing to the next without getting bored.

The most challenging part for me was when we draped our bodies with a straight spine resting our forehead on the bar. Then, lifting your leg far behind you, you do a series of pulses and lifts, and your glutes BURN.

It’s strange working your muscles hard like that and not breaking a sweat, but I felt great afterwards.

My only complaint is that the small amount of stretching we did after strength moves lasted less than five seconds per side. I could have easily stayed a minute per side.

I could never love anything more than my yoga practice, but my friend finds it to be a nice compliment to her usual running routine. I love the intention and blissful high I get from yoga, but I’m always open to things that will bring me more in tune with my body.

I read an article about doing something ever day that’s out of your comfort zone, and that foot picture is mine. I hate my feet, so it’s a vulnerable thing for me to put them in the spotlight like that!

I’d love to hear about your experience, let me know!

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