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Yoga for Runners

Long down dog on a wall. Gently stretches your shoulders and back.

Long down dog on a wall. Gently stretches your shoulders and back

Low runner's lunge with a quad stretch

Low runner’s lunge with a quad stretch

Dancer's Pose/ Quad stretch

Dancer’s Pose/ Quad stretch

Runner's head to knee pose

Runner’s head to knee pose

Wall dog with a calf stretch

Wall dog with a calf stretch

A bright, 29° Saturday in January turned out to make the best running weather. I know all you runners know this- but it is SO important to stretch after you run! What do you have to lose?! 5 minutes of browsing Facebook or Reddit? In that time you can prevent injury and increase your range of motion and just feel good.

Most agree that it’s not good to stretch cold muscles, so I usually stretch for 5 minutes about 1.5 miles in (good excuse for a rest!) and 15 minutes when I get back. Mind you- I do yoga daily so this is not the only stretching I do. If you are exclusively a runner I would suggest 30 minutes of stretching or whatever you have time for. Yoga is for everyone!


Don’t rush it! Take your time to breath into each muscle group you are stretching, aiming for approximately 1 minute per side

Do listen to your body. What’s feeling tight today? Where could you use a little extra love and relaxation? It might even be your shoulders or low back.

Do stretch each side equally. Don’t fudge on the second side.

Don’t force it. Just like in yoga-only do what feels good and don’t try to force your body somewhere it doesn’t want to go. Sensation is okay, but pain isn’t.

Happy Running!

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Run Yogi Run


I’ve been running lately. I know many of you are very passionate about it, but I can’t honestly say I enjoy it, yet. I began running to train for an event next year, the Warrior Dash, a 5k with many cool obstacles along the way. But what is bringing me back to running my three mile loop 3ish times a week is getting out of my comfort zone, enriching muscles in my body that may be otherwise neglected, and getting into the rhythm of my feet. Doing yoga, Hot Power Vinyasa specifically, has helped my endurance and strength so much. I cannot say enough about the benefits of this practice, I was shocked when I first went for a run and went 3 miles! This confirms something I truly believe- Whatever you do, yoga makes you do it better.

I follow many bloggers who are experienced runners. It is an empowering form of moving meditation. Stay tuned for some simple yoga moves for runners, don’t skip your stretching!

Does anyone have any tips for a yogi starting out on her running journey?

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