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same love

Same Love. It’s such a simple notion. However, the issue of who we choose  to love continues to cause controversy across the world.

Yoga teaches self acceptance. It teaches us to look inside ourselves and take the things we love and accept the things we don’t. Yoga, as my incredible mentor Silvia Mordini often says, helps us to “accept the full spectrum of our being.”

I got into yoga for the physical aspects. I wanted a yoga body, but by the time I reached that point, it was an afterthought to all of the emotional and spiritual benefits I had gained. While yoga can give you physical results, it first teaches you to not only be comfortable in your own skin but be proud of your body; the magnificent vessel that carries you through your life. Yoga teaches us that it’s OKAY to not be perfect! Everything you’re not makes you everything you are.

I found that if you can accept yourself, you can much more easily accept and see the true beauty in others. Even if you don’t fully understand another person’s life, yoga gives you an open and loving perspective on humanity. This video is an amazing example from a seattle musician of embracing love in any way it may manifest itself.  If it’s love, how could it be wrong?

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