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The Science of Body Language

I just watched this fascinating TED Talk about body language. This is all about how ‘power poses,’ and how they effect how we see ourselves and how others see us. We are simple beings, when we feel confident we puff up our chest(not unlike primates) and stand tall. Our bodies reflect how expansive we feel, and our bold presence is known to others. When we feel insecure and hesitant we collapse our chest and make ourselves small, often slouching and curling up. We do this all subconsciously, proving the yogic principle that the mind drastically effects the body.

But what if we reverse this? If we made a shape with our body, would it effect the way we think? The studies in this TED Talk demonstrate just that, showing that it can be applied to situations like job interviews, first dates, presentations, etc. This also shows the science behind tricking your mind into a higher level of testosterone, the power hormone, and a lower level of cortisol, the stress hormone. More power and less reaction to stress make us confident and grounded.

These are just a couple of things social psychologist Amy Cuddy examines in this talk, and I recommend watching until the end to see it all come full circle.

Check back this week for a yoga sequence of power poses!

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