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Yoga for Cyclists

On Sunday my father and I went to a “yoga for cyclists” seminar hosted by teacher Kelli Refer from The Grinning Yogi in Seattle. I do not cycle, but my retired father rides every day, about 100 miles a week, sometimes more.

One thing I know for sure- whatever you do, yoga makes you do it better. So, I dragged him to the seminar, thinking something catered to cyclists would be a better time for a somewhat inexperienced yogi.

It was a great seminar, it was obvious the girl leading it had spent much time and energy writing and illustrating a book of yoga poses and breathing techniques for a cyclist.

Everything was very appropriate for the typical cyclist- there were sequences for 2 minutes and 5 minutes. Modified half sun salutations, quads, heart openers, and hips were emphasized.

At the end I asked what two stretches would be the best to do. I couldn’t imagine my father in our garage busting out sun salutations. She decided on a modified ‘wing pose’ and a modified dancer’s pose. My very favorite stretch was a super intense quad stretch we did by placing our shin flush to the wall and bending the opposite knee.

We all left with a poster and information sheet to refer to.

Kelli’s official Yoga for Bikers blog is here.

Buy a copy of Pedal, Stretch, Breathe here.

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Go W/ The Flow

At the beginning of July I attended an event called “Go W/ the Flow,” hosted by Haute Yoga Queen Anne. Yogis Tori Reynolds and Ben Rivet(BJSR) are doing a three month long nationwide tour making stops at studios across America teaching their flow set to live music. More on them here.

Tori’s class is a traditional high energy Baptiste flow, and set to Ben’s soundtrack it’s a great experience. Ben beat boxes and plays the guitar, reading the room and going with the rhythm of the flow. Tori is a great teacher, inspiring and positive. They’re both just excited to be doing what they’re doing which creates a wonderful energy in the room. If they happen to come to your city during the remainder of their tour, I highly encourage you to attend, it’s an awesome way to switch up your routine.

It’s amazing how music really can ‘get you out of your head and into your breath.’

Tour dates:

July 26 – Equinox – Woodland Hills, CA

July 28 – Lululemon Athletica – Los Angeles, CA

August 2 – King Yoga – Aspen, CO

August 3 – Lululemon Athletica – Aspen, CO

August 5 – Elan Yoga & Fitness – Fort Collins, CO

August 6 – Prana Denver – Denver, CO

August 23 – Yoga One Inc. – Seekonk MA

Augist 28 – High Street Yoga – Westerly, RI

August 29 – Wayland Square Power Yoga – Providence, RI

September 2 – Power Yoga Chicago – Chicago, IL

September 10 – Lululemon Athletica – Cincinnati, OH

September 14 – Bare Feet Power Yoga – Chicago, IL

September 16 – Core Essence – Milwaukee, WI

September 17 – Dragonfly Hot Yoga – Fitchburg, WI

September 18 – Perennial Yoga – Fitchburg, WI

September 19 – Dragonfly Hot Yoga, Madison, WI

September 22 – Root Down Yoga – La Crosse, WI

September 25 – Chagrin Yoga – Chagrin Falls, OH

October 6 – Midwest Outdoor Experience – Dayton, OH

October 19 – AC Power Yoga – San Antonio, TX

October 20 – The Yoga Project – Mansfield, TX

October 21 – The Yoga Project – Arlington, TX

November 8 – Epic Yoga – Brentwood, TX

Novermber 9 – MBH Yoga – Cummina, GA

November 11 – Jiva Yoga Center – Hilton Head Island, SC

More information and an interview with Ben Rivet.

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